Veryant Announces New COBOL Training Class
"COBOL Programming for Developers"

April 2, 2012 - Veryant, the COBOL technology innovator, has announced that it will offer a five-day COBOL training class, "COBOL Programming for Developers." The new class will help developers unfamiliar with COBOL quickly gain competency with the programming language.

With an estimated 200 billion lines of COBOL still in use, COBOL is generally accepted as the predominant language of business applications. Although COBOL has been extensively adopted over past 50 years, many businesses that rely on COBOL applications now face a growing shortage of skilled programmers. The baby boomer generation is retiring and languages such as C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, and .NET are more commonly taught in today's universities.

"With a basic understanding of COBOL, a developer can perform routine maintenance on existing programs and better understand how to extend legacy applications with newer technologies such as Java or .NET," commented Dovid Lubin, vice president of technical operations, Veryant. "Because COBOL was designed as a high-level business programming language, hiding the complexity and details, even non-technical people have become productive in COBOL within a few weeks."

The COBOL language is easy to learn because statements read like English descriptions of what they actually do. e.g. ADD SALES-TAX TO INVOICE-TOTAL.

The first class will take place in April. Attendees can register at

Course content includes how to understand, design, code, test, and debug COBOL programs. The class takes place in a workshop setting and includes intensive instruction and hands-on exercises. Students can also leverage their own application code to gain real-world experience before they leave the class.

Veryant's new COBOL training class is designed to enable developers skilled in other programming languages come quickly up to speed on the COBOL platform. These workers can then continue maintaining and enhancing the valuable COBOL application assets of their business.

Veryant's COBOL courses can be customized for the specific needs of an individual business.