isCOBOL EIS Web Direct

Give your web apps a brand new look

Web Direct

The Web Direct feature of isCOBOL EIS has been updated to deploy COBOL applications to the cloud with a new style. This feature enables the deployment of fully interactive COBOL programs to the Web, without changing any basic application structure.

In addition to performance improvements, the new Web Direct allows the use of Bootstrap styling in controls and Font Awesome icons in push buttons.

You can even default to Bootstrap styling for common controls by adding to your file. Push buttons, labels and entry fields with no custom styling will automatically be given the Boostrap look and feel.

COBOL applications using Web Direct are deployed in a Java Enterprise Edition platform (J2EE). Today, Java EE offers rich enterprise software platforms, with over 20 compliant Java EE 6 implementations, such as IBM WebSphere, Oracle Weblogic, RedHat JBoss and many others, resulting in plenty of options and making choosing one a low risk decision.

Styling your way

With the brand new css-base-style-name you can completely customize controls, overriding any default class style given by isCOBOL, to achieve the perfect look you're looking for.

If you just want to slightly change the style of a control, you might use the css-style-name property, which will not override any default css class, but allows you to add or override rules for the control. You can mix and match css-base-style-name and css-style-name to fine-tune every detail.

A default stylesheet is supplied to give default styling, and you can easily load an additional one by adding the iscobol.wd2.additional_stylesheet property to the file.

Push buttons can have Font Awesome icons, which are font-based, and will scale perfectly at any size and any magnification level. Say goodbye to the grainy bitmaps on high-resolution displays.

Check out what you could do with isCOBOL EIS Web Direct feature
Image 1
Create amazing web apps
Image 2
Leverage powerful application containers such as JBOSS and WebSphere
Image 3
Take advantage of the latest HTML technologies
Image 4
Bootstrap styling included
Image  5
Access Font Awesome icons
Image 6
Make your web apps pop
Image 7
Do it all in COBOL
Image 8
Style it your way

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