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COBOL and Java Integration

Add the power and flexibility of the Java platform to existing COBOL programs and make COBOL investments easily accessible to the Java world with isCOBOL Evolve

Add Java to COBOL

Developers leveraging isCOBOL Evolve can quickly add a wealth of new functionality to existing applications by integrating modular Java solutions, such as those found in the Java SE and Java EE Development Kits as well as various open source communities, with their COBOL source code.
Since the isCOBOL Compiler generates pure Java output, once a desired third-party Java solution has been identified, a developer need only write the COBOL code required to interface with it. isCOBOL software allows COBOL user-words to reference Java classes and automatically converts Java data types to the COBOL type that will work in a particular statement, simplifying the integration process.
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Expose COBOL to Java

Developers looking to quickly expose COBOL applications to the world of Java can use the isCOBOL platform to write programs in COBOL that can be called directly from Java as if they were written in the Java language.
The isCOBOL Compiler automatically converts existing COBOL programs into POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects). No COBOL code changes required. The Java developer receiving the objects needs only to know the class and method names, parameters, and return values to make use of them. The fact that the object class was written in COBOL or that it calls other COBOL subprograms is inconsequential.
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Click here to view the article, "How do you take your Java" which includes detailed code samples and additional information.

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...We can now provide our software on any platform that supports the Java Runtime Environment – meaning more flexibility for traditional desktop deployment models, as well as the possibility of delivering enhanced thin client and Web 2.0 distributions down the road..."
Rolf Ahlrichs, programmer, HAY Computing

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