isCOBOL Provides Agile, Cost-Effective Future at DHL

Case study

DHL, a global provider in the logistics industry with more than 275,000 employees worldwide, needed to move a final IBM® CICS® application, batch workload and COBOL programs off the mainframe by the end of July. The company wanted a low-risk, economical solution that would preserve existing information and avoid disruption.

Business Drivers: Given the cost of continuing to run the existing mainframe or of building a smaller mainframe environment to host the workload, the company opted instead to rehost its application to a more affordable open systems platform.

Solution: COBOL and Assembler programs were moved to the isCOBOL Evolve from Veryant, IBM CICS and batch transactions were moved to UniKix technology from Clerity, while IBM DB2® data was migrated to an Oracle Database. The entire implementation, from initial assessment to user acceptance testing and production cutover, was completed in less than three months. The rehost project met all of DHL’s objectives and was completed on-time, in-budget.

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