Government of Monaco
Customer: Government of Monaco (

An international center for cultural and sporting events, the Principality of Monaco lies between France and the Mediterranean Sea.

Business Drivers: Historically, the Government of Monaco had deployed its key administrative applications in a mainframe CICS and batch environment, primarily running COBOL applications accessing DB2 data. Concern for the relative annual operating costs of this platform -- and its software licensing fees in particular -- in addition to the desire to be able to more easily access applications over the Web, lead the Government of Monaco to perform a search for alternatives in the market.

Solution: The Government of Monaco selected the isCOBOL Application Platform Suite and Veryant France SARL to progressively move its key applications over to a Linux and WebSphere environment. First COBOL and Batch workloads are being moved, then CICS. Moving the government's 5,500 employee payroll application took approximately one month.

In additional to providing an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) and lowering annual IT operating costs significantly, the Government of Monaco is now able to deploy its key applications in a pure Java and WebSphere environment. Now the government can make its key applications available to citizens over the Web and its IT department has access to a wider variety of tools to enable additional Web Service deployments for both its batch and online environments down the road. Performance improvements have been seen as well.

Partner: Due to the quality and availability of their support, the Government of Monaco selected Veryant France SARL to support its move to isCOBOL APS.