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Veryant, the leading company in the COBOL to Java technology innovation, embraces Arise Innovation, a company specializing in RAD tools and AI OCR products, by signing a partnership for the distribution of their respective software.

Veryant is very excited to announce a new partnership with Arise Innovation, Inc. (specialized in AI OCR products and Rapid Application Development, or xRAD, tools). Arise Innovation has now become a member of Veryant family representing all Veryant products in Japan. Arise Innovation will distribute all Veryant's products and provide technical support to existing as well as new customers in Japan. In the meanwhile, Veryant agrees to promote Arise's products in Europe and North America in return.

Wagby (distributed by Arise Innovation) is an xRAD tool able to provide agile approaches on software development. It is a non-programming tool used for developing web based business applications. Java programs are automatically generated by entering spec sheet information through Wagby's web-based design screens.

isCOBOL Evolve (created by Veryant) is an application environment that combines the best of COBOL and Java technology to simplify application development and deployment. isCOBOL Evolve can execute on any device running Java Virtual Machine (JVM) – from mainframes to mobile phones.

The easy integration between Wagby and isCOBOL is the first step in the cooperation between Arise Innovation and Veryant. This partnership will lead isCOBOL to spread widely into the Japanese COBOL market and will introduce the flexibility and high-speed development of Wagby in Europe and America.

Arise Innovation, Inc. is a dynamic Japanese IT startup that helps customers start new businesses and transform their legacy practices at the same time. Utilizing technologies of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Rapid Application Development (xRAD) tools, Arise Innovation strikes to provide clients with a total ICT solution that combines applications using the latest AI technologies, high efficiency system development methodologies and modern Cloud infrastructures. Working with partners, Arise Innovation is also committed to help customers in preserving their advanced know-how and providing future technological reforms in various distinguished industries.

With over 25 years of experience, Veryant, the leading company in the COBOL to Java technology innovation, provides software solutions able to optimize IT resources, revitalize programming assets, and dramatically reduces costs. Veryant offers choice, flexibility and cost-effective solutions to organizations with valuable COBOL assets running on the Java virtual machine. Veryant's innovative software solution helps the customer to increase business productivity and improve the application quality, providing a complete development, deployment and environmental modernization.
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