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Why choose Us

Whether you are evolving existing applications through SOA or improving quality and distribution processes, Veryant's innovative software offerings increase business productivity and provide a complete environment for COBOL application development, deployment and modernization.

Our Mission

To enable you to quickly and safely extend current applications to meet new business needs and demands using our portable, robust solutions translate into cost-effective, future-proof computing. Maximize a company’s IT investment by providing an array of innovative tools that always strive for improvement.

What you get

isCOBOL Evolve enables organizations to retain current COBOL investments while simultaneously offering a path forward to take advantage of the openness, portability and power of the Java platform without retraining staff or rewriting code.

Features that will make you love us

COBOL for Java platform and open systems migration

Multi platform

Target multiple platforms with a single codebase. If it runs Java it runs isCOBOL.

Powerful reporting capabilities

JasperReports integration, native API to manage printers, advanced print preview and PDF management.

Extended UI interface

Multiplatform, from desktop to web, rich and extensible widget choices (layout, extend grid, ribbon, javabeans)

Integrated development environment

Eclipse-based development environment for key COBOL development tasks, including projects, forms, reports, and database management

Flexible database model

Pluggable file system for sequential, relative and indexed file structure including RDBMS databases

Java integration

Add the power and flexibility of the Java platform to existing COBOL programs and make COBOL investments easily accessible to the Java world

Multiple architectures

Powerful application processing with isCOBOL Application Server, load balancer capability and J2EE integration

Web Enablement

REST/SOAP Web Services, JSON, XML, Servlet and HTTP, leverage AJAX for screen section rendering over web browsers

Evolution not revolution

Comprehensive, cost-effective development, maintenance, application modernization and ROI improvement

Dedicated and experienced technical support

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