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Announcing Veryant’s newest distributor – Sanford International in South Africa.

Veryant, the leading company in the COBOL to Java technology innovation, embraces Sanford International, the organization that has made the modernization of the legacy COBOL systems its mission.

Veryant is very excited to announce our new partnership with Sanford International. They will represent Veryant as a distributor in South Africa and surrounding countries.

Sanford International is a professional service company specializing in providing a full range of COBOL solutions for the achievement of strategic and operational objectives of its customers. Its mission is to be the preferred partner of all companies that want to modernize existing mission critical legacy COBOL systems, as well as all those that want to integrate their systems with other COBOL business applications.

With more than 30 years of experience in every kind of COBOL project (migration, modernization, integration, etc.), Sanford International has identified isCOBOL by Veryant as the most viable solution for achieving its objective efficiently.

Veryant is very proud to be the right partner for Sanford International. Thanks to our innovative software solutions we are certain to be the strategic company that can help Sanford and its customers increase business productivity and improve the quality of their software systems.
Welcome on board, Sanford International.

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