Academic Event

The COBOL Technology Innovator

INTERON holds the lecture "COBOL, why not?" at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University

On May 23, INTERON held a lecture "COBOL, why not?" at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, in the WWT'17 - IX Technological Trends Workshop.

The lecture was attended by students from the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, and was held by Danilo Augusto (Account Manager) and Danilo Perrone (Technical Consultant). "Yesterday's presentation was an excellent opportunity to show to university students the reality of the market and the evolution of the language, expanding the vision of COBOL with new technologies as Web App, Mobile, DBMaker RDBMS and modern resources that are part of the academic everyday. The result was excellent", points out Danilo Augusto.

The participation consolidates the INTERON Academic Program, where the goal is to present the value of the language among students and show its position in the market, showing that the COBOL is still relevant, combining its stability with the most modern trends in the IT world, offering many business opportunities.

"Participating in the lecture at Mackenzie Presbyterian University was a great opportunity to show that COBOL has been and continues to be one of the most widely used languages in the market and that it has a constant evolution. With this, students have seen that there is a growing market demand for professionals and, in the midst of so many new technologies, COBOL continues to support the most critical processes of large organizations. So, why not COBOL?", comments Danilo Perrone.