Support Service

Focused on delivering choice, investment protection and flexibility to organizations with valuable COBOL assets

Dedicated and experienced technical COBOL support

Veryant's dedicated and experienced support team is committed to providing the highest levels of customer care. We believe that service is vital to our customers' success and to the future direction of our technology.


  • Flexible, well-defined support level options
  • Access to new releases and updates at no extra fee
  • Web-based resources including a searchable Knowledge Base
  • Technical support engineers that are directly linked to product engineering for timely and detailed incident response
Support level offerings

Veryant offers three support levels*

  • Standard Support - Under the Standard Support plan, customers are provided with remote email and Web-based support services for covered products. A response from Veryant can be expected within one business day or less on any reported problem. Standard Support customers also have complimentary access to product updates and releases.
  • Premium Support - Offering a fast and accurate level of support, Premium Support level includes all the benefits provided by Standard Support Level, in addition this plan offers the Remote Web assistance and the access to any minor releases. This plan speeds up the issue escalation response and any other answer by Support team.
  • Enterprise Support - Offering the highest level of customer care, Enterprise Support includes all Premium Support services, also offers the access to weekly builds for faster and more efficient answers and allows you to be in touch directly to the Support Engineer. This plan ensures that critical product issues are addressed in an urgent manner.

* Note: Support levels discussed on this page are for direct customers of Veryant LLC. Support agreements arranged with a Veryant Reseller may differ from those described here.

Download the Veryant Customer Support datasheet