isCOBOL Evolve transforms enterprise COBOL applications in Java with 100% guaranteed accuracy, saving business logic. Unlike other compilers, isCOBOL Evolve is a one-step translation from COBOL to Java, eliminating complexity and risks without vendor lock-in.
This transformation process enables comprehensive and cost-effective development, deployment, maintenance and modernization of COBOL applications, for organizations moving from open systems COBOL platforms, such as Micro Focus® COBOL, ACUCOBOL-GT® and RM/COBOL®.
By uniquely blending proven COBOL development with the unlimited potential of Java platform deployment, isCOBOL delivers true portability, easy extensibility and a clear path forward for business-critical applications.
Developers can choose whether to stay in COBOL, extend in Java or both.

Add Java to COBOL

Quickly add a wealth of new functionality to existing applications by integrating modular Java solutions.

Expose COBOL to Java

Expose COBOL applications to be called directly from Java as if they were written in the Java language.