Run your COBOL application in a web browser, see how:

Run your client/server application in a browser

The WebClient feature turns your desktop application in a web application without source code modification.

Run WebClient in a cluster

Deploy your applications in a WebClient clustered environment for increased scalability and performance

Leverage COBOL applications across the Web.

Launch a COBOL application from a web browser using isCOBOL Application Server

Deliver zero-client, fully interactive online COBOL applications

Leverage AJAX technology with isCOBOL webDirect, with no plug-in, ActiveX, Java or other software other than a standard web browser

Produce 100% portable, modern COBOL application GUIs

Enhance your GUI look and feel to meet or exceed the expectations of today’s online users

Seamlessly integrate with JEE application servers

Deliver consumable objects that integrate easily with JEE environments