Innovative & Affordable COBOL

Take more control of your applications with powerful COBOL and Java technology

Move Micro Focus COBOL to Veryant

Extensive compatibility. Multi-platform deployment options. Phased migration options.

Veryant provides comprehensive and cost-effective alternative COBOL platforms for application development, deployment, maintenance and modernization. Organizations are converting applications from Micro Focus® COBOL platforms such as Micro Focus Server Express™ and Net Express® to Veryant for many reasons:

  • To gain the advantage of a COBOL development and Java deployment model without rewriting or retraining
  • To improve ROI and dramatically lower COBOL licensing fees
  • To support a wide range of data access options and capabilities
  • To natively integrate with leading Web and application server technologies
  • To modernize applications with graphical thin client and Web client options

Maintain and modernize COBOL applications with a true business partner

Why continue to face steep annual COBOL software license fees, when Veryant delivers powerful and more affordable alternatives?

The Veryant COBOL product family includes a complete platform: isCOBOL Evolve. isCOBOL Evolve is an innovative COBOL platform for standalone applications that rely on COBOL screen user interfaces.

What makes the move to Veryant so easy?
Extensive compatibility, user-friendly migration features, and phased transition options.

What makes the move to Veryant so worthwhile?
Veryant offers powerful COBOL functionality at a low price. With Veryant, there are no charges for upgrading to a new release with a valid support contract.

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