Academic Event

The COBOL Technology Innovator

From May 23th through the 26th, INTERON held a lecture "COBOL, why not?" during the Academic Week at the Farroupilha Federal Institute - Panambi Campus, in Brasil.

From May 23 to 26, 2017, an Academic Week was held at the Farroupilha Federal Institute - Panambi Campus. INTERON was invited to hold a lecture, closing the week of presentations. With the presence of approximately 160 people, the lecture "COBOL, why not?" had an impact on the public, which interacted a lot with questions. Cotripal - an influential company in the region and INTERON client - also participated through its presentation, perfectly exemplified how a COBOL language is present in the company, more precisely in its business applications and how COBOL is important in all processes that run a cooperative.

A lecture for students of the Systems for Internet course was held by Luiz Gustavo (Business Director) and Marcelo Andrade (Technical Consultant). "It was extremely important to hold the lecture at IFFarroupilha, an excellent opportunity to exchange information with a new generation of professionals and present a reality of the COBOL market, informing about how many career opportunities and business visions, approaching company, teaching institute And students," says Luiz Gustavo.

The participation consolidates the INTERON Academic Program, whose objective is to present the value of the language among students and show its position in the market, presenting that the COBOL is still relevant, combining its stability with the most modern in the world of IT, as a web applications, mobile, DBMaker RDBMS, among others and, mainly, with many business opportunities.

"The event was very important to show that COBOL is still active and open market for opportunities. The curiosity of both the students and the teachers surprised us very much, it was gratifying!", complements Marcelo Andrade.

The academic presentation has been held on May 31 at 4pm. For information about how to attend, just go to the "Academic Program" area of the website