isCOBOL debugger

Portable, graphical COBOL source-level debugging

isCOBOL debugger

Written 100% in Java, the isCOBOL Debugger provides graphical, COBOL source level debugging and runs on any supported platform on which the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.2 or later is available, including UNIX, Linux and Windows. The isCOBOL Debugger is included with the isCOBOL Runtime Library so there is no need to purchase a different debugger for every operating system an organization plans to deploy on.

  • Shortens development cycles and enhances productivity
  • Eliminates the need to use a different debugger for every deployment platform; written 100% in Java
  • Enables three primary code views for comprehensive analysis
  • Includes support for remote debugging

Comprehensive code analysis

The isCOBOL Debugger works directly in COBOL source, so it is not necessary for developers to know Java to leverage this tool. From the isCOBOL Debugger, developers can perform activities such as trace-file writing, loading and unloading sessions, executing instructions, searching for text and setting breakpoints.

The debugger window provides three primary code views:

  • The source code window enables source code viewing.
  • The command window allows developers to view all executed commands and messages, as well as insert commands.
  • The info window displays the execution stack, variables to monitor and the breakpoint list.

These debugger windows can be resized as desired and commands can be issued using the command-line, menu items or via toolbar buttons. There is also a toolbar that allows to execute quickly the most common tasks and to visualize the amount of actual used memory.

Remote debugging

Remote debugging allows developers to source-code debug programs running on remote servers, provided they are compiled in 'debug mode'.

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