Integrated, graphical, and flexible Eclipse-based environment for key COBOL development tasks


isCOBOL offers developers the choice of continuing to use their current editor, command line utilities, and scripts for source code control and builds or leveraging the isCOBOL Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Enabling rapid COBOL application development, the isCOBOL IDE includes a COBOL source editor, complete with COBOL syntax highlighting, compiling, and project handling, providing a single, flexible environment for all COBOL development tasks (design, coding, testing and debugging) in the open and extensible Eclipse framework.

  • Shortens development cycles and enhances productivity
  • Provides a portable, scalable Eclipse-based environment enabling development and deployment on a range of platforms
  • Includes a real-time syntax checker that validates code during the coding process -- no need to wait for compilation
  • Offers an integrated debugger with remote debugging capabilities
  • Unifies development teams by providing one IDE across the enterprise for COBOL, Java, C/C++ and other programming languages; fosters access to additional tools and development aids in the Eclipse ecosystem

Flexible, extensible framework

Because the isCOBOL IDE is Eclipse-based, it provides a consistent environment regardless of development or deployment platform. In addition to fundamental programming tasks, developers can leverage the Eclipse ecosystem to view related data sources and files, develop Web services, and integrate COBOL-based programs with Java technology and other environments.

Developers using the isCOBOL IDE can also leverage Eclipse CVS and SVN source control systems to easily share projects and collaborate on development tasks, enhancing team work across the enterprise.

Productive, customizable COBOL development

The isCOBOL IDE offers a dynamic syntax checker that checks program syntax while a developer is coding and provides real-time alerts to potential code violations before compilation has occurred. This real-time checker, in addition to the code hints that the isCOBOL IDE provides, enhances productivity and greatly reduces edit, compile, and correction cycles.

Developers can customize the isCOBOL IDE environment as desired. Interface elements can be moved, docked, undocked, and hidden. The isCOBOL IDE allows keyboard shortcuts to be easily set and includes support for detailed search and replace features. With the isCOBOL IDE, COBOL code program sections can be expanded or collapsed in the editor and developers can navigate through a program using an outline view, simplifying program navigation and reducing development windows. Support for basic skeletons, code completion, and templates is also included in the isCOBOL IDE.

The isCOBOL IDE is distributed with the isCOBOL Development System, which also includes the isCOBOL Compiler and utilities. The isCOBOL IDE can also be added to any existing Eclipse-based IDE through the “Software Updates…” feature in Eclipse.

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