isCOBOL Runtime Environment

Take 'Write Once, Run Anywhere' to a new level

isCOBOL Runtime Environment

Compatible with Windows 8
Written 100% in Java, the isCOBOL Runtime Environment enables applications to run on any device supporting a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) -- from mainframes to mobile phones -- and this includes application logic, user interface, and data access.
  • Shortens development cycles and enhances productivity
  • Enables true portability and simplified software deployments; written 100% in Java
  • Makes efficient use of today's multi-threaded, multi-core systems
  • Delivers high throughput computing at a good value by including a debugger, thin client, fileserver and bidirectional distributed processing capabilities as well as two ISAM file systems for no additional fee

High value, high performance computing

Unlike other COBOL alternatives that may charge separately for functionality such as thin client, fileserver and bidirectional distributed processing, the isCOBOL Runtime Environment includes all of the following components:

All that is required to execute compiled isCOBOL programs is the isCOBOL Runtime Library and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The isCOBOL Runtime Library is a single file that implements COBOL verbs and library routines. Since both components are written entirely in the Java platform, deployment and distribution options are simplified and the resulting application code is extremely portable.

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