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isCOBOL Evolve 2019 Release 2 is now available.

Veryant is pleased to announce the latest release of isCOBOL™ Evolve, isCOBOL Evolve 2019 R2.

The newest isCOBOL Evolve sports a new zoom layout manager, new borders and color management for GUI controls, and features that let developers modernize applications with little or no effort.

Download the isCOBOL Evolve 2019 Release 2 Overview

Release highlights

  • A brand new Zoom Layout Manager
  • Enhanced GUI controls
  • Framwork and compiler improvements
  • Upgraded EIS suite

New Zoom Layout manager

isCOBOL GUI programs, Graphical Windows, Screen Programs and isCOBOL WOW programs generated by the IDE can now leverage a new easy to use and low impact layout manager that handles application resizing.
The Zoom Layout Manager handles automatic resizing of controls as window size changes, requiring no effort from developers. Applications will scale gracefully as windows are resized.

Enhanced GUI controls

Do you want to revamp your applications and give them a more modern look? We got you covered! Many GUI controls can now have custom border colors and widths that let you achieve the look you're after. The new styles can be applied without source code changes, all it takes is just to set configuration properties. Your apps can be customized easily without development efforts.

Specific items in controls that handle lists (such as combo-boxes, treeviews and list-boxes) can have custom colors to make them stand out from others. Accordion tab controls have additional properties to customize color selections, support flat styles and animated page activation.

Framework and compiler improvements

Improving performance and compatibility on each new release is paramount for Veryant, and the 2019 R2 release is no exception, with faster performance and compatibility features. Performance has been improved for both CALL statements and c-treeRTG indexed file access.

New configuration properties have been implemented to enhance applications, both text and graphical. Handling of IME (Input Method Editor) has been improved to better handle input of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indic characters.

Dynamic variables allow developers to declare variables and arrays without knowing the size beforehand, lowering the memory footprint of an application. With the 2019R2 release, dynamic variable handling has been optimized, allowing group variables containing dynamic variables to be moved and compared to other group level variables. A new syntax allows developers to retrieve the actual capacity of a dynamic variable at runtime, without declaring a capacity in the data division.

New compiler configuration settings have been implemented to inject COBOL code in all controls of a specific type at compile time, to make modernization of current applications much easier, while minimizing development efforts. It also allows applications to be generated with different looks, allowing modernization to take place without source code changes.

Upgraded EIS suite

isCOBOL EIS, Veryant’s solution to write web-enabled COBOL programs, is constantly updated to provide more comprehensive web solutions.

In the 2019R2 release, webClient will alert the user when an admin or support user starts viewing or recording a session, and will log such activities. Session recording can be activated automatically when viewing a session, on a per-application basis. Recording can now be stopped and restarted multiple times within a support session.

The HTTPClient class allows COBOL programs to interact with Web Services, and can now handle Multipart responses giving programmatic access to attachments.

Additional details on these and additional features and advances in isCOBOL 2019 R2 can be found in the isCOBOL Evolve 2019 Release 2 Overview

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