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isCOBOL Evolve 2022 Release 1 is now available.

Veryant is pleased to announce the latest release of isCOBOL™ Evolve, isCOBOL Evolve 2022 R1.

TThe newest isCOBOL Evolve has an updated IDE based on Eclipse version 2021-09, includes a revamped WebClient that supports load balancing and clustering options, a new and more convenient administration console, and much more!.

Download the isCOBOL Evolve 2022 Release 1 Overview

Release highlights

  • isCOBOL Runtime
  • WebClient
  • GUI enhancements

isCOBOL Runtime

isCOBOL Evolve 2022R1 now supports all Java LTS releases: Java 1.8, Java 11 and Java 17. Long-term support extends the period of software maintenance; it also alters the type and frequency of software updates (patches) to reduce the risk, expense, and disruption of software deployment, while promoting the dependability of the software.
WebClient does not yet support Java 17, but support will be included in the 2022R2 release.

New configuration settings have been added to extend configuration options, and new library routines have been added to set and modify configuration at runtime, to read the keyboard keystroke, and to inquire the number of active print jobs.


isCOBOL 2022R1's IDE is based on Eclipse 2021-09 (4.21), and requires at least Java 11 but supports Java 17. The new IDE brings new functionality in many areas, such as additional theme supports, word-wrap in Console preference, more mouse-controls and touchpad gestures for horizontal scrolling in the Text Editor.


The new WebClient release has an improved administration console, with better organized screens that make configuration of apps easier.

WebClient now supports balancing through clustering; separating WebClient into modules that can be divided into multiple instances on multiple servers to enable you to handle larger loads and scale dinamically.

GUI enhancements

Many improvements to GUI controls have been implemented in this release. Library routines W$BITMAP and W$MENU now allow merging different symbol fonts and setting new attributes in the Hamburger menu. New configuration settings can be used to modify the look and feel of modal windows and to have finer control with the LM_ZOOM layout manager.

Margins can be set on entry fields to fine-tune the UI of applications, and the flat style is supported on Tree-view controls.

A new op-code named WBITMAP-LOAD-SYMBOL-FONT-EX in W$BITMAP library has been implemented to load icons and to merge different font symbols or font styles. This lets you create a handle with a strip of icons loaded from different font handles, or from the same handle but with different styles, such as the color

New settings allow windows to be darkened when modal windows are opened, to let the user know they are unavailable until the modal window is dismissed.

Tweaks to the layout managers and custom message boxes allow better control of the UI making it easier to modernize applications.

Details on these and additional features can be found in the isCOBOL Evolve 2022 Release 1 Overview

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