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COBOL training and education

This five-day course provides analysts, programmers and managers with a working knowledge of COBOL programming. An introduction to the four COBOL programming language divisions will be presented. Students will compile, debug, and edit COBOL programs. A variety of data access options will also be covered and students will build COBOL projects during the session.

This course takes place in a workshop setting and includes intensive instruction and hands-on exercises.

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COBOL Programming for Developers


  • Basic understanding of developing and distributing applications in one or more programming languages (C/C++/C#, Java, etc.).

Note: this course does not require any prior knowledge of the COBOL programming language.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to COBOL
  • Declaring Data in COBOL
  • Basic Procedure Division Commands
  • COBOL Selection Constructs
  • Sequential, Direct Access, Relative, and Indexed Files
  • Sorting and Merging Files
  • Tables (Creating, Searching)
  • Reference Modification and Intrinsic Functions
  • User interfaces
  • The COBOL Report Writer

This training course does not cover topics such as SQL, CICS or JCL. Contact Veryant for information about training options on these topics.

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