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Product introduction and overview

This three-day course provides programmers and analysts with a working knowledge of isCOBOL Evolve. An introduction to all major product suite components will be presented. Students will compile, debug, and edit COBOL programs. A variety of data access options will also be covered and students will build complete COBOL projects for deployment and production release.

This course takes place in a workshop setting and includes intensive instruction and hands-on exercises.

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Working with isCOBOL course information


  • Basic understanding of developing and distributing COBOL applications
  • A Windows-based laptop (*)

Topics include:

  • Introduction to isCOBOL Evolve
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • isCOBOL and the Java platform
  • Compiling, editing, and debugging COBOL programs
  • Working with external files and data sources
  • Library and external routines
  • User interfaces
  • Web interfaces
  • Packaging and distributing applications
  • isCOBOL Application Server (thin client and distributed deployment for isCOBOL Evolve users)
  • Integrating and interfacing with other software such as free and commercial Java solutions

Organizations interested in arranging detailed training on any elective below in conjunction with a Product Introduction and Overview training course should contact Veryant for scheduling options.

  • Transitioning to isCOBOL
  • The Eclipse environment
  • GUI programming
  • Object-orientated programming
  • Web enabling COBOL applications
  • Servlets
  • Web services
  • Java language and concepts
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(*) If you have a question about a particular operating system release you would like to use during training please contact Veryant.