Pricing strategy

Take more control of your applications with powerful COBOL and Java technology

Does your technology provider not help you improve or develop your software applications?

Choosing the isCOBOL Evolve Suite by Veryant, you will not only receive a Development license provided with the ISV Program, or only any Deployment license for internal use, but you will also have the right to request any temporary license you need for demos and tests without an additional cost. In essence, you will be able to improve the development of your software applications and quickly test what is required. No other technology supplier is willing to offer what Veryant offers.

Is the sales policy of your supplier so complicated that it becomes difficult to provide a quote to your customers?

If you choose the isCOBOL Runtime Environment for your customers, our tools are versatile and will be able to run on a Server, a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). A single isCOBOL Runtime license is suitable for any kind of architecture (Fat Client, Client Server, Thin Client, Application Server). If you choose isCOBOL Runtime for your customers, it will not matter if the data access takes place on a RDBMS or an ISAM file, via COBOL I/O or via ESQL; the isCOBOL Runtime license includes everything (File Server, Database Bridge, SQL).

Does your technology supplier not allow you to replace a license without having to pay an additional cost when platform changing occurs?

Choose isCOBOL by Veryant and this problem is solved. Any isCOBOL license is Cross-Platform; any change on the server in your IT Department or in your customer’s sites is allowed and completely free of charge. Moreover, you don't have to purchase different compiler licenses for all the platforms you have in house since isCOBOL compiler generates 100% portable Java classes. With isCOBOL, you compile once, and run everywhere!

Our sales policy is clear, transparent and doesn't deter. Veryant strives to provide you with ways to reduce your total cost, while assisting you improving and developing your applications. Our products are wholesome, allowing you to proceed with modernizing your applications. Moreover, our sales policy is flexible and can be tailored to your company. If you have a proposal in mind, we can always reach a good deal for everyone.
Contact us, explain your needs and ask for a quote!