100% Portable, Compact ISAM File System


100% Portable, Compact ISAM File System

Veryant JISAM is a 100% Java-based indexed sequential access (ISAM) file system that runs on a wide range of platforms, from mainframes to handheld mobile devices. Now your business can deliver fast and efficient access to COBOL applications with ISAM data files anywhere Java technology runs, without the overhead of a relational database or investing in complex program change.


  • Written entirely in Java, it runs anywhere the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is supported, even on mobile devices
  • Includes the JUTIL utility for basic file management tasks
  • Supports multi-language deployments
  • Includes the ISMIGRATE utility for one-step migration of data files from other data sources
  • Offered with the isCOBOL Runtime Environment at no extra fee

Anytime, anywhere data access

Veryant JISAM opens up existing and new COBOL programs with ISAM files to a variety of deployment platforms. Using a B+ tree-index architecture, Veryant JISAM offers fast, self-balancing, and flexible data retrieval.

With Veryant JISAM you can:

  • Index a file with any number of indexes, each of which may include up to 16 non-contiguous segments.
  • Sort any part of an index in ascending or descending order.
  • Use both unique keys and duplicate keys.
  • Simplify multi-language distributions and location leveraging Unicode support.

The JUTIL utility is included with Veryant JISAM for basic file management. With JUTIL, developers can load and unload binary or line sequential files, compact files, check file consistency and rebuild Veryant JISAM files.

Transparent COBOL-to-Java process

In an isCOBOL environment, developers continue programming in COBOL, sending programs to the isCOBOL Compiler when appropriate. The isCOBOL Compiler translates COBOL source code into Java classes that are then executed with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). These Java classes can run as stand alone programs or be further integrated with other enterprise applications. This compilation process is transparent to developers.

Key technical characteristics of Veryant JISAM include:

  • Maximum file size: 9+ exabytes (over 9M terabytes)
  • Maximum number of keys: no limit
  • Maximum number of records: no limit
  • Maximum key length: 256 bytes
  • Maximum number of segments per key: 16
  • Maximum record length: 2 GB

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