RDBMS Data Access

Relational Database Access from COBOL

Relational Database Access from COBOL

Take advantage of direct data access through ESQL/JDBC.

Veryant isCOBOL technology supports a wide-range of popular relational databases including Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

isCOBOL supports Pro*COBOL, DB2 Precompiler and other RDBMS COBOL/ESQL precompiler type solutions.

Veryant also offers the option to use JDBC. With JDBC, no database-specific pre-compilation is required. isCOBOL has a built-in ESQL compiler that translates embedded SQL (EXEC SQL) statements to JDBC calls. The same COBOL objects can be leveraged for any supported database, enabling direct access to data through JDBC and fostering smooth transitions to new data sources without having to recompile code.

  • Support a wide-range of popular databases such as Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Access data directly through Pro*COBOL or the DB2 Precompiler, or use JDBC
  • Eliminate the requirement for a database-specific pre-compilation step during development
  • No additional middleware drivers or runtime relinking required

Flexible, convenient data access

Veryant enables open access to popular relational database management system (RDBMS) environments, in contrast to proprietary middleware access, to improve performance and simplify support. With a plug-in style approach to data access, isCOBOL offers numerous options for ISAM Indexed files and RDBMS tables. Both these data sources can coexist in the same COBOL program, enabling truly dynamic application deployments.

Directly accessing data through JDBC allows developers to focus on application coding without worrying about what particular data storage solution will be chosen in deployment. Veryant's approach also eliminates the requirement for a database-specific pre-compilation step during development. This enables easy transitions between JDBC-compliant data sources without source code changes and without changing the behavior of applications.

Move seamlessly from ISAM to RDBMS

If your organization wants to move from ISAM to a RDBMS such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, Veryant Database Bridge can be used to automatically translate ISAM file statements into SQL statements against a relational database -- there is no need to change COBOL source code or to learn ESQL.

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