100% Portable, Compact ISAM File System

Features and benefits

isCOBOL Evolve delivers feature rich functionality at a competitive price point. Select an option below to learn how isCOBOL Evolve helps businesses achieve the following:

  1. Improve time to market
  2. Reduce costs and enhance profitability
  3. Simplify data access and deployment
  4. Deliver future-proof computing
  1. Improve time to market

  2. Reduce costs and enhance profitability by eliminating multiple licensing fees and efficiently harnessing existing computing resources

    All-inclusive, 100% portable Runtime Environment

    Delivers high throughput computing at a good value by including a debugger, Thin Client and Distributed processing capabilities, as well as two ISAM file systems for no additional fee

    100% Java Compiler

    Eliminates the need to purchase and use a different compiler for different operating systems

    100% Java Debugger

    Eliminates the need to purchase and use a different debugger for every deployment platform

    True multi-threaded processing

    Utilizes operating system threads, versus emulated threads, so applications run in multiple threads -- not multiple processes -- reducing system overhead and start-up time
  3. Simplify data access and deployment

    Access RDBMS and ISAM through JDBC

    Allows developers to focus on application coding without worrying about what particular data storage solution will be chosen in deployment

    Enables easy transitions other ISAM file systems or JDBC-compliant relational database without source code changes and without changing the behavior of applications (no relinking of runtime libraries required)

    Eliminates requirement for database-specific pre-compilation step during development

    Enables open access to popular RDBMS environments versus proprietary middleware access, improving performance and simplifying support

    Database Bridge

    Easily convert COBOL file I/O verbs to embedded SQL source code, opening previously ISAM-bound programs to relational data
  4. Simplify data access and deployment

    100% Java Runtime

    Allows valuable COBOL application and development assets to be retained and enhanced while taking full advantage of the Java technology platform in deployment

    isCOBOL webDirect

    Leverages AJAX technology to easily deploy Rich Client COBOL Interface applications on the Web

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