c-treeRTG Enterprise

Flexible and affordable data access

c-treeRTG for COBOL

Empowering your COBOL applications using c-treeRTG Enterprise lets you keep the applications you have perfected over the years. This robust technology delivers performance, scalability, and data integrity without re-rewriting your existing applications, and it allows you to integrate with newer technologies such as SQL and Java. So you can stay with COBOL and play with the future. Unlock the power of your COBOL application with c-treeRTG Enterprise

  • Don't change any code; drop in a new file system
  • Bridge multiple COBOL apps with a common data engine
  • Sustain performance with fast ISAM access
  • Increase stability with full transaction processing
  • Maximize scalability on large systems
  • Add a powerful SQL Server on top of ISAM/COBOL data
  • Integrate with other languages: C, C++, .NET, Java, etc

Two flavors to fit any need

Available on MS Windows, IBM AIX, HP-UX PA-RISC and Itanium, Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris SPARC and Intel, SCO Openserver and more, c-treeRTG Enterprise is provided in two flavors; one is called c-treeRTG Evolve (previously know as isCOBOL ISAM Server) that is included without additional charge in isCOBOL Runtime, the second is called c-treeRTG Enterprise, provided as additional software.

Solutions comparison

Feature c-treeRTG Evolve c-treeRTG Enterprise
ISAM batch operations
Full Transaction Support
Automatic Recovery
Server Quiesce/File Blocking
SAN Disk Snapshot
Shared memory mode
Encryption Light-weight encryption SHA1/2 + Advanced Encryption without callback.
Data and Index Cache 1GB data + 1GB index Unlimited
Memory File Support (with size limit)
Backups Dynamic Dump. No Windows VSS support Dynamic Dump. Windows VSS support
APIs Supported All SQL APIs included(1). Java ISAM API (JTDB), Python, PHP, .NET, ODBC, JDBC, C#/C/C++/CTDB, Delphi, JEE, IOT, ISQL, Javascript, Node-red, VB
Supported COBOLs isCOBOL Evolve Suite isCOBOL, ACUCOBOL-GT, COBOL-IT, Microfocus, RM/COBOL
SQL Enhancements 4-connection, 3-hour limit(1) Full SQL solution
Administration Tools Command Line, Security Administrator, Monitor, Status Log Analyzer Full set, including ISAM Explorer, SQL Explorer, Gauges and Performance Monitor
CPU/Cores Limit: 8 No Limits
Connections No Limits No Limits
Segmented Files
Partitioned Files
Real-time Replication Optional(2)
Conditional index support
Data filters
Message Queues & Notifications

(1) Evaluation license of c-treeRTG Enterprise.
(2) Available as part of the Advanced Module Replication.

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