isCOBOL Compiler

The possibilities and distribution platforms are endless with a 100% portable COBOL compiler

isCOBOL compiler

Develop in a familiar ANSI-compliant COBOL environment while deploying on any platform supporting the Java Virtual Machine.

The isCOBOL Compiler is a platform agnostic, ANSI-compliant COBOL compiler that generates object-orientated code which efficiently runs on any platform that supports a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4.2 or greater. Because the isCOBOL Compiler is written 100% in Java, one COBOL compiler can be used to develop, deploy and test on a wealth of platforms including AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows and mainframe systems.

  • 100% portable COBOL Compiler, written 100% in Java
  • Compliant with ANSI standards, supporting modern and legacy COBOL dialects
  • Object-orientated features includes native support for Unicode and JavaBean graphical controls
  • Automatically translates ESQL to JDBC; no ESQL pre-compiler required
  • Provides flexible access to Indexed file systems and RDBMS sources, as well as simultaneous access to both sources from a single program

Seamlessly leverage existing skills on new platforms

Developers do not need to be familiar with Java technology in order to work with the isCOBOL Compiler. All development and debug processes are performed using COBOL. The isCOBOL Compiler is compatible with ANSI 85 COBOL standards and includes support for several COBOL-2002 extensions, including Object-Orientation and Unicode. The isCOBOL Compiler supports modern COBOL dialects, JavaBeans graphical controls, as well as common elements of legacy COBOL dialects that are typically found in real-world application code.

Transparent COBOL-to-Java process

In an isCOBOL environment, developers continue programming in COBOL, sending programs to the isCOBOL Compiler when appropriate. The isCOBOL Compiler translates COBOL source code into Java classes that are then executed with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). These Java classes can run as stand alone programs or be further integrated with other enterprise applications. This compilation process is transparent to developers.

Flexible, open data access

In terms of data access and flexibility, isCOBOL takes 'straightforward' to a new level. isCOBOL is designed to utilize both Indexed Sequential (ISAM) file systems and relational databases. By offering automatic translation of ESQL to JDBC and an ISAM-to-RDBMS interface, Veryant ESQL Generator, developers working with isCOBOL can transition data to another ISAM file system or JDBC-compliant relational database without source code changes, without external pre-compilers, and without changing the behavior of an application. At the individual program level, COBOL file statements or embedded SQL (ESQL) can be used interchangeably, opening the door to any combination of supported file systems and database access within the same application.

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